Adult Camps ~ A New trend?

Murder Mansion, Jim Thorpe, PA

For a weekend of murder, mayhem and great fun, spend some time at the Harry Packer Mansion in Jim Thorpe, PA. Photo provided by the Harry Packer Mansion (

This week’s travel news featured articles and TV spots about the trend towards camps in the U.S. for adults only.   It was news to me and a welcome offering I might add.  Have you ever wished you could drop your children at summer camp and head off to one of your own?  Okay, then….let me ask you this.  Have you ever wanted to learn to bull ride?  There’s a camp for that!  Maybe you like acting, dancing, or photography.  Sure, there is a camp for those, too.  Or perhaps your interest lies elsewhere, like surfing, golf, racing/driving, religious studies, etc.  Visit for an extensive list of offerings.

Are you a fan of murder mysteries?   Treat yourself to a vacation right out of the game “Clue.”    The minute you check in to the Harry Packer Mansion in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, murder and mayhem happen. You and the other guests get to play a part.  You will get to be like one of the family members who lived in the mansion during the 1870s.   Every mealtime, you will get a clue to help you piece together the details of the crime—including discovering the culprit.  Murder mysteries are scheduled every weekend. The cost is $525–$650 per couple for two nights (depending on accommodation) with meals and lodging included.  For reservations or more information, call 570-325-8566 or visit

Some adult camps or courses are totally outrageous and over-the-top for someone like me.  For instance, the Zombie Survival Course would not suit my taste, but just may be your cup of tea.  This is a weekend camp to teach you how to survive when no one else is around – like end-of-the-world stuff.  It may be good to know; however, I just cannot see myself running around in camouflage garb, shooting weapons – for one thing, my arthritis will not allow me to run…at all.  I would probably not be one of the “survivors.”

Up close and personal with the King of the Jungle at the San Diego Zoo “Roar & Snore” sleepover. Photo: Johan92100 Creative Commons

Panda Bear

What could be cuter than a panda eating lunch? Find out at the San Diego “Roar & Snore” sleepover! Photo: Kevin Dooley Creative Commons

My days of daring and scaring are past, but I do have some adventure genes that occasionally need nurturing.  So, when I spotted this next one, it immediately appealed to me before I even read the details…Roar & Snore at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  Really!  Sign me up & ship me off to California!  The age limit is 21 or older for this overnight adventure.  The campers get to go behind the scenes, take an evening hike, and have some face time with some of the critters.  Now that’s my idea of exciting nightlife.  The adventure includes guided walks (thank you – I wouldn’t want to be alone… in a zoo… at night), a campfire program, dinner, an evening snack, breakfast, and even a souvenir.  Guests get choices of tents, with pricing ranging from $182 to $262 depending on your accommodation selection.

A little research will turn up a variety of choices for adult camps.  You won’t be alone – this seems to be the up-an-coming vacation fad or fancy for the grown-ups.  After all, there is a little child left in all of us and we are never too old for an adventure!  I look for more offerings in this area as baby boomers retire and look for ways to keep the boredom their retirement years.

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