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Our philosophy is simple: this is a magazine for real travelers written by real travelers. While we’re not necessarily looking for “Paris on $5 a day” we aren’t too wild about “Paris on $1000 a day”, either. We also aren’t looking for just budget travel, family travel, gay travel, etc. (Although, these are important, they won’t be the sole focus).  What we want is travel for anyone.

Travelers come in a variety of colors, shapes, family sizes and socio-economic backgrounds.  The type of travel we’ll share in the these web pages should be able to be enjoyed by anyone.

The staff and writers of Exploration Travel Magazine have been part of the travel industry for many years has given insights that can only be obtained as an insider.  We want to pass some of this insider info on so our readers can live the good life, too.

Want to see something in the magazine we haven’t done before? Feel free to drop us a line at editor(at)explorationtravelmagazine(dot)com with the subject line: Article suggestion.  If the request is doable, we’ll do everything we possibly can to make it happen.

This is a site that will also review products and services.  If you’d like us to review a product or service you offer, please let us know.  However, it should be said, don’t expect us to give a completely biased review simply because you’ve provided us with your product.  If a review is going to be entirely negative, we’ll let you know and, most likely, won’t put it on the site or in the magazine.  We’ll also afford you the opportunity to try to change our minds.  Maybe we just aren’t seeing it the way it should be seen.

BUT – what we prefer to do here is give a review that shows both positives and negatives (if there are any).  It should also be considered that reviews are subjective to the person writing them.  If we have an employee that loves it while another hates it, we might choose to have both writers combine their efforts to show why they love it/hate it and let readers decide.

Finally, as much as we here at Exploration Travel Magazine love to travel, we love it more when our readers share their stories, too.  We welcome guest posts and aren’t afraid to help you spread the word about a fantastic vacation you were just on.  Don’t be afraid to jump into the fray!  If you got the idea to take a trip because of what you saw here, let us know that, too.  Whether your experience was good or bad is important to us.


Managing Editor Nancy L. Marine has been a travel writer for nearly 10 years, having traveled extensively as a freelance journalist writing for magazines such as AAA Home & Away Magazine, Atlanta’s Piedmont Review, Gulf Coast regional upscale Family Beautiful, AirTran’s inflight Go! and several others.  Always feeling travel should be for everyone who has the want, Nancy strives to fill the pages of Exploration Travel Magazine with articles that entice the imagination and stimulate the urge for adventure.  You can share Nancy’s travels via her Foursquare account.  You can also view photos she uploads as she travels at her flickr.com account.

Asst. Managing Editor Apryl Chapman Thomas is a professional freelance travel writer and blogger with over 10 years of experience. Her niche is travel, specifically southern travel. In addition to her position with Exploration Travel Magazine, she serves as a feature writer with Southern Hospitality Travel Magazine. Currently in the works is her own blog, Southern Trippin set to be online later this summer. She is researching (and hopes to publish) a book about food festivals in the south. Follow her many adventures on Twitter at @travelinggal


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