All data and graphs shown here are taken from  As these are embedded into the site using code provided by Quantcast, these numbers will change as the magazine and site grow.

Also, the data given here isn’t quite complete and it took us a while to find it, too.  It seems the number of people we reach each month is actually higher because Quantcast data gathering, while reporting we are reaching X number of people, isn’t telling you that roughly 1/3 of our audience is what I like to call a “frequent flyer”, visiting more often than once a month.  These people are counted as “views” and not “visits”.  If you were to go to and look at specific data, the listing of information there shows “People per month” and “Visits per month”.  This makes a difference when you’re deciding whether to allow us the privilege of serving you, the advertiser.  What this says is: Your advertising is seen by more people than what the data says at first blush.

Also, we’ve recently learned that the code for both Quantcast and Alexa are NOT on every page in the site, thus, not all traffic is being counted, just the traffic that lands on the magazine’s main page.  For all the page views/hit we receive from all the major search engines and social networking sites (which is about half our page hits/views) their information is not being counted accurately.  Until we change the theme to one more friendly towards the quantification sites, we use a combination of counts from Google Analytics, Quantcast, Alexa and the social networking sites to come up with correct figures related to our reach.

Now, this being said – here’s a breakdown of our audience for your perusal.  I think you will find we reach the cross-section of the world who is most interested in what you’re offering – adventure and imagination.

(Also, if the boxes of information are not showing, please refresh your page)

Actual Stats Exploration Travel Magazine

This graph and data is coming directly from the server on which Exploration Travel Magazine is located (as of 26 Sep 2012). This graphic will be updated on the first day of each month.







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