Historic Beauty That Time Forgot – The Seafield House, Ayr, Scotland

Once a thriving home, then hospital, the Seafield House in Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland, is in danger of demolition. Image courtesy of: http://www.buildingsatrisk.org.uk/

The history of a location can sometimes be as interesting, if not more, than the newer attractions.  While this video might not be a tourist attraction, it’s indicative of what’s out there in the world, if you look hard enough.

Every old building has a story and hearing these tales can be an awe-inspiring way to spend your time.

The history of this building, The Seafield House, is posted on the YouTube page of the production company that filmed this short video, ElGato Film Productions, a company in SW Scotland:

The Seafield story began in 1888 when Sir William Arrol — the architect behind the Tay Bridge, Forth Rail Bridge, and Tower Bridge — purchased 50 acres of land and built the beautiful mansion that would later be known as Seafield Hospital. In the latter years of the First World War, the house was handed over to the British Red Cross by Lady Arrol and was used as an auxiliary hospital for wounded soldiers. After being acquired by Ayrshire joint committee, Seafield House emerged in 1921 as a maternity hospital with 14 beds and children’s hospital with 34 beds. In October 1947, the hospital was made a nurse training school — the only others in Scotland were in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Seafield was always ahead of its time and the facilities were further improved in May 1952 when a state-of-the-art extension was opened. The extension boasted a casualty reception area, X-ray department, two operating theatres, outpatient department and new single cubicles — all at a cost of £25,000. The hospital went on to provide supreme paediatric care for another two decades before the doors finally closed in October 1991 as the new Ayr Hospital opened. For the next 10 years, Seafield house was used as the health board headquarters before being sold to Miller Homes in 2005.

Amongst their other films, they are working towards creating a grouping of videos called The Abandoned World.  Thus far, this is the only video there, but it this is the sole example of their work, we’re looking forward to seeing more!  This house is located in Ayr, Scotland, in a region named Ayrshire and it’s for sale for those with the means to buy and fix it up.  To see the floorplans, go here.

Turns out this building is in danger of being torn down, according to the website www.buildingsatrisk.org.uk.


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