Fifth Season of Destination: Truth Coming July 10th

He doesn’t have a death wish but he and his crew seem to have problems with small airplanes in Romania. Image courtesy of NBC Universal, all rights reserved.

An interview with host Josh Gates about this season’s shows

The SyFy Channel’s Destination: Truth (DT), following a bit of a hiatus, is back this July 10th at 10/9 C and it comes back with a bang. If the rest of the shows this season are anything like the first two, then viewers are in for a fascinating ride as Josh and his crew bounce around the globe in search of myths and legends.

In an interview with the host of the show, Josh Gates, when asked about the length of time between seasons 4 and 5, said, “There’s really nothing salacious about the long break. It was a matter of schedules not allowing us to start the next season sooner.” However, it looks as though the longer break was just what the show needed going into this next season.

The crew’s energy and freshness is tangible and the team is spirited on the streets of Hanoi where Josh shows the other crew members the best way to walk across a heavily congested street– choose a path and commit. (And, remarkably, he does so unscathed)  There’s also a moment or two where he gives Andrew Zimmern a run for his money when sampling a local beverage.  Seriously, it’s gag-worthy.

During the trip, the jokes are often, even the bad ones, and at one point, Josh’s special brand of derisive humor comes through as he buys a wig in Belize, shares his respect of Dora the Explorer, and wears it down the street; and you better “Belize” people were groa-, uh, laughing! (This joke will be a little funnier once you see the episode)

Always moving towards his next adventure, Josh Gates of Destination: Truth is coming July 10th for the start of his fifth season. Image Courtesy of NBC Universal, all rights reserved.

The first two episodes of the new season air back-to-back on Tuesday, July 10th, and in the first episode viewers are taken to the depths of the jungles of Vietnam where DT goes in search of the Southeast Asia version of Bigfoot, Batutut. In vivid high-definition, the landscape of Vietnam is showcased beautifully and the members of DT are having a fantastic time (as Josh gets a little reckless on a motorcycle), but the deeper the team goes, the more harrowing the trip becomes.

Already on alert due to Batutut being called an aggressive creature, the team nearly steps on a snake, Josh spotting it just in time to avoid a serious injury (Vietnam has dozens of species of venomous snakes so it’s best to err on the side of caution) or worse. As though that weren’t bad enough, while chasing a potential Batutut sighting by Josh, his attention being on the chase, he slips and, unable to grip anything, is pulled over a waterfall feet first.

The second show is broken up into two parts, the first of which is them going to Belize in search of goblins and, in response to(extreme) viewer’s requests, they return to Romania’s Haunted Forest where more strange happenings occur to their former crew member the poor, beleaguered Evan, whom Gates says is “Such a trooper”.  Josh is excited about this next season. “We have great new season coming up. We’re going to Sweden, Fiji, Kazakhstan, some really exciting places.”

Given the amount of scrapes and pitfalls the host stumbles into each week, it would be easy to believe he’s either is an adrenalin junkie or has a death wish. When asked which one it is, Josh laughs and says, “I actually don’t think it’s neither. I truly believe I’m a travel junkie.  When we’re doing these shows, it’s easy too get caught up in what we’re doing and forget everything else.   I’ll watch the shows during the edits and I see some of what’s happening around me and think, ‘What was I doing?’”

Josh Gates of Destination: Truth enjoys the show a great deal because he’s seeing, and sharing, parts of the world people might not otherwise see. Image courtesy of NBC Universal, all rights reserved.

Josh believes his searching to prove or disprove myths and legends from around the world is interesting to viewers but, what he also hopes he’s doing with Destination: Truth is encouraging people to travel. According to Gates, who’s traveled all over the world as a professional photographer, “People watch travel shows and everything’s perfect and goes smoothly. But when you take a trip, some of it’s hard, some of it’s easy, some of it’s funny, and some of it’s frustrating.”

But he’s quick to add, “We really work to show ‘warts & all’ travel. We’re going to Fiji this season, we’re showing a trip there can be real rough and tumble with some wilderness.” Josh is particularly excited for viewers to see their visits to Transylvania looking for vampires and to Kazakhstan where they work towards proving or disproving the presence of the Kazakh Monster. Their visit to Kazakhstan is a first for DT due to their venturing deep into the country, taking viewers to places previously unseen.

Josh enjoys the shows that take his viewers to places unknown, such as their trek to Vietnam where they enter the world’s biggest cave (large enough to hold a skyscraper), as they see and share places people might not otherwise know about, “We want to showcase all the different facets of travel. It feels more real and we like to think we’re bringing the traveler with us.”

So what plans does Josh have for Destination: Truth beyond season 5? “I’ve got a long list and the great thing about DT is it’s allowed me to cross a lot of those off,” said Josh. “I’d love to travel to Tibet and a lot of the little island nations. I’d also like to go to Maldives and I love Africa; there are huge sections of the continent I’ve never seen.”

Does he think they’ll ever see a time they run out of material? Josh doesn’t think so. It’s a big world out there and, “The great thing is there’s always someplace else to see.”

Josh’s final words in the interview were in consideration of those who give him a reason to keep doing what he does (he LOVES his fans!), even if it nearly kills him, sometimes, “We’re going to be bringing our viewers on some amazing adventures this season; we’re thrilled to be back.”

Don’t forget – July 10th, at 8/7 pm Central Time.  Two episodes.  Back-to-back.  Set up the DVR or settle in for two hours of some amazing travel! Seriously.

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