Lemp Mansion: A haunted B&B in St. Louis, Missouri

Exterior of the Lemp Mansion

Lemp Mansion – A haunted B&B

I was never really concerned about haunted places. I practiced a fair amount of prudence – staying away from cemeteries late at night, especially if there was either no moon, or a full moon. But I have always been intrigued by the concept. Until I actually slept in a place haunted by ghosts.

The experience that effected the cure was a night in Lemp Mansion, a St. Louis B& B known for its supernatural shenanigans.

It’s actually a rather nice looking mansion during the day. Especially from outside. It has a small but pretty little bar, graced by two stained glass windows depicting William Lemp, Jr and his one-time wife Lillian.

The family and the mansion has a dark history.

The Lemp family made their money in beer, working their way from small grocers to brew pub, to beer baron. The family was wealthy, but not happy, but it fell to William Lemp Jr (known as Billy in some circles) to be just plain mean. There was the fooling around while married, and the divorce from his wife Lillian, complete  with a nasty charges leveled against one another. Rumors abound – perhaps without any basis in fact, but he was said to have locked his son, born with Downs Syndrome, in the attic. http://www.hauntedhouses.com/states/mo/lemp_mansion.htm

Mosaic window depicts Lillian Lemp

Mosaic window depicts Lillian Lemp

In 1922, William J. Lemp, Jr. shot himself in the same building where his father died eighteen years earlier. The family had a penchant for suicide.

The rooms themselves have seen better days. Perhaps to keep the authentic look, or to add to the rather spooky atmosphere.

I stayed in the Lavender Suite named after Lillian and her taste for all things lavender. The suite was rather nice in a genteel, down-at-the-heels way, but the bathroom creeped me out – partially because it cried out for a good cleaning and some repair work. But, it’s the only bathroom I’ve ever encountered which seemed to generate its own stiff cold breeze with no windows open. I’m sure there was a hidden vent somewhere, right?

At breakfast the next morning, every staying in the B&B compared rather spooky experiences, complete with frequent and loud rattling noises in the hall around midnight, when no human admitted to be walking.

Mosaic window depicts William Lemp, Jr.

Mosaic window depicts William Lemp, Jr.

Did I mention I’ve been cured of any interest in staying overnight in a haunted hotel, inn, B&B, or any other form of lodging?

However, if you’re still game, not only can you stay overnight in one of the rooms, you can even   join their “Supernatural Investigations.” For $30 per person you get a soft drink or cocktail, light appetizers, and the use of an Infrared camera to capture any paranormal activities as you explore the three floors of the darkened Lemp Mansion. Feel like pushing your luck? For an additional $100, stay the night in one of the Mansion’s suites.

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Lemp Mansion
3322 DeMerit Place,
St. Louis, Missouri.

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