Never, ever give up!

This statue in Dublin pays homage to the many famine sufferers forced to leave Ireland in order to survive. / Photo - Infomatique from CC

After being out-of-town last week I’m more than a little behind with this video but the moment I saw it, I knew I’d be sharing it.

I ran across this video at, of all places, Failblog.  Seems the star of this video was injured while a member of the military (he states it’s due to too many jumps injuring his back and knees – and with two sons who are jump certified, I can believe it).  He was told by VA doctors he would never walk unassisted again.  For awhile, he accepted this as his lot in life and went on.  However, he eventually decided this wasn’t good enough any more and he set out to change it through the use of yoga.  After being turned away by many yoga instructors, he found one who would help him.

Watch the video – it’s amazing and more than a little emotional.  I was fighting back tears as I watched it.

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