Philadelphia’s “Color Run”…

People of all ages and all “walks” of life take part in The Color Run. This was taken at the 2012 Color Run held in Louisville, KY. Image:

This week’s Video of the Week is about a city that’s near and dear to my heart, Philadelphia, PA.  I went to college near there, at Widener University, and spent many evenings in Philly, coming to love it almost as much as my home town.  Each year, Philly holds The Color Run, a 5K marathon held in 50 cities (and growing) across the country.

The premise of The Color Run is solidarity and each participant is required to wear a white shirt so the colors come across nice and bright.  On each leg of the run (or walk, or jog, or crawl – speed isn’t necessary or required) a different color is introduced so “runners” can cover themselves or the person standing next to them with it.

Since this was JUST uploaded to YouTube on the 6th of August, I’m guessing this is the most recent run in Philadelphia.  So, watch the video and make the decision to take part in a “run” near you!  (This video can also be viewed at

For more information about locations where The Color Run takes place, just visit their website!

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