Where Did Mississippi Go?

Mississippi is no stranger to hurricanes along their Gulf Coast but what they’re not used to is The Weather Channel (TWC) referring to them as “… the land mass between Mobile and New Orleans”, making them all but non-existent.

With Hurricane Isaac bearing down on the Gulf Coast, TWC has been all abuzz about it with 24-hour coverage since the weekend.  In covering the storm, it seems Mississippi has nothing to fear because, according to TWC, it’s GONE!

Working diligently to keep the residents of the “Land Mass Between Mobile and New Orleans” informed of evacuation options and updating their information about the hurricane, the officials of Mississippi still managed to take a tongue in cheek approach to the slight put forth by TWC.  Jennifer Spann, the Program Manager of the Public Relations Department at the Tourism Division of the Mississippi Development Authority, had this to say, “Yes, Mississippi’s coastline still exists and unfortunately appears to be in the path of Hurricane Isaac, just as we were when Hurricane Katrina devastated the Mississippi Gulf Coast in 2005. The media overlooked us then, too, but we know that we are here and that we can weather any crisis. Maybe that ‘can-do’ attitude is the reason why the media thinks we don’t need to be mentioned. Whether the world is aware of us or not, we came together then as an unstoppable force to rebuild and we will do it again, if necessary.”

Mississippi is one of the more resilient and self-reliant states in the United States and to show a bit of humor (if they weren’t laughing, they’d be crying), there’s now a Facebook page devoted to “The Land Mass Between NOLA (New Orleans, LA) and Mobile”, with cartoons, YouTube videos and, now, t-shirt sales (to benefit those harmed by the hurricane).  The page now has nearly 50,000 followers since it began over the weekend. (If you’d like to order one of their “Landmass T-shirts” please visit their Cafe Press site, http://www.cafepress.com/landmass, to do so)

As you watch this video, note the meteorologist (?) says the hurricane is expected to hit “…somewhere along the Louisiana/Alabama border”.


Shepard Smith, broadcast journalist with Fox News (and Mississippi native – so we get this, really) seems to take offense at this, making the exaggerated point of telling TWC that Mississippi DOES exist in the following video from YouTube.com:


And in Jackson, MS, the folks at Y101 FM radio (www.Y101.comwww.facebook.com/NateandMurphywww.twitter.com/Y101Showgram) the humor abounds with their own quick parody of TWC with this video:


For more/current information about the hurricane and its projected path, visit WeatherNation on Facebook (who recognizes Mississippi as more than a land mass).

Editor’s Note:  As someone who has visited Mississippi many, many times and was once a resident of Biloxi while my husband was stationed at Keesler Air Force Base, if anyone can come back from this, it’s them.  There is no greater love for each other than you’ll find in Mississippi and on the coast, a ready, welcoming hand is extended to all, both friends and strangers.  Once this crisis passes, show your appreciation for the great state of Mississippi and pay them a visit.  You won’t regret it!  Tell them Exploration Travel Magazine sent you!

Mississippi Tourism Office: http://www.visitmississippi.org/

Mississippi Gulf Coast Tourism: http://www.gulfcoast.org/

More on the “Land Mass Between Mobile and New Orleans: http://www.explorationtravelmagazine.com/spending-time-mississippi-gulf-coast/

To order a t-shirt: http://www.cafepress.com/landmass

Update:  Turns out, the first video showing the young woman who believes there is a Louisiana/Alabama border, is from a Canadian channel, Weather Network.  In addition, seems TWC has removed all evidence of their people calling Mississippi a “land mass” and are now challenging people to prove it happened.  Anyone with a video of Mississippi being called a “land mass”, take it to the FB page mentioned at the beginning of this article – don’t let the bad guys win!  ;-)

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this! As a Mississippi native and someone who returns to my home state frequently, I was appalled at the lack of coverage Mississippi received when Katrina hit. My mother & brother suffered substantial damage, weeks without power and more weeks of clean-up following Katrina. And they were one of the lucky ones in the state. The lack of attention and recognition Mississippi and its residents received then and now is appalling. Thankfully, we do have a few members of the national media (Shepard Smith of Fox, Robin Roberts at Good Morning America) that try to bring attention this great state and its residents.

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